Scarlett Rae Hubsch was born in April 2017 to her proud parents, Gina and Jason Hubsch.

Scarlett had an infectious spirit from the moment she was born that would bring a smile to anyone who met her. She has the warmest, most loving little personality of any child you’d ever met, and gives the greatest hugs and snuggles to all of her friends and family. She loves Wonder Woman, Elmo, dolls, and cuddles.

Since Gina & Jason received Scarlett’s diagnosis of Batten disease (CLN2) in July of 2021, there has been an outpouring of support from those around them.

This site was created to help collect all the various intricacies in one place. From here, you can read blog updates, as well as learn about any upcoming Events in support of Scarlett, and even purchase shirts, stickers, or yard signs to help show support (100% of proceeds going to Scarlett’s fund). You can also donate directly if you so choose!

Take a look around to learn more about Scarlett and, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out. And thank you for visiting!