WBZ News Appearance!

It has been a minute since I’ve last written. Honestly, I’ve written SO MANY blogs in my head, and just haven’t gotten them down on paper (so to speak). There have been things that I’ve wanted to share with everyone, but honestly, sometimes it takes so much mental energy to relive something, that I end up putting it off for another day, and then, well, I never get that boost of energy that I am hoping for!

I couldn’t let today go by without saying a little something. I promise to keep it as concise as possible.

Once I emerged from the devastating fog of Scarlett’s diagnosis, I knew I couldn’t sit still. I couldn’t be afraid to tell people what was going on. I couldn’t be embarrassed to ask for and receive help. I couldn’t stop living. That wasn’t fair to the little girl who had no idea what was happening. I owed it to her to keep going, keep advocating, and keep talking to everyone who would listen. 

Today was so special.

Nick Giovanni and WBZ News told our story in a way that I just couldn’t have. Sure, comments from Jason and I provided some color, but the way that our statements, and our grief, were woven in with the intelligence of Principal Kristen Poisson, and the laughter and love of Scarlett’s classmates’ in a sea of Teal…. It truly felt like the masterpiece that I never could have painted on my own.

6am Newscast:

12pm Newscast: 

I know that this story is tough to hear. It would be easier to ignore it and not get involved, but the sheer number of people that have reached out to say that they saw the news segment, and have expressed their thoughts has made my heart SO HAPPY. We’re being heard. Scarlett’s story is being shared, and you never know whose ears it may reach. Someone out there holds the key to changing the lives of Batten Families. Please keep talking about Scarlett. Please keep sending your good vibes, love, and prayers. We’re not going down without a fight.

Thank you for being a part of Scarlett’s Tribe


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  1. Márcia Laboissiere Avatar
    Márcia Laboissiere

    That was so touching! The whole world should know Scarlett’s story and bright smile! Maybe then there would be a way to find a cure so that other children and their families would have a chance. I really admire your strength and I can’t wait to be with you and super Scarlett ❤️

  2. Landon Hughes Avatar

    You guys are amazing. Had us smiling all the way down in Texas. So glad you guys have found such a supportive community.

  3. This made me bawl. Praying for you all and esp Scarlett

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